Monday, August 25, 2014

I AM VALUED... #JusticeforMichael

 This country's assault on brown-skinned people is getting way out of hand. These so-called privileged gun owners are killing our black children, right in front of us, like we are cattle to be slaughtered. Knowing these shooters are wrong, in their thinking and intentions. Some of "White America" still feel they have to back and rally behind their own immorality, regardless of moral standard. That's so sickening and disheartening that you still have a mind set of a person born in slave/ jim crow era. What are you mad about? The fact that we are in your schools, neighborhoods, shopping marts, movies and yes in some families. But I do understand I would fear kings and queens too. Brown and Martin's killings was tragic because of the lack of understanding and embracing someone who is different from yourself. We are different!!! Black men and women are different. The way we talk, dress, and act. That's who we are but definitely not targets. I'm a father, brother, uncle, son, and grandson if you take my life I will be missed. So think of that when you decide to pull a trigger. Old white America is dying out yours ways and thinking as your children are encountering other races, creeds and characters, they are now seeing that grandpa's teachings is being buried with all the hate they created in the first place because we are different. I can't change what and who I am. If you're looking for something else, I'm sorry. My skin is darkened by the rays of God's light. My hair naturally curly, the mane of a kingly beast. And I inherited the soul of scholars.... Forever I'M BLACK..... FoREVER I'M VALUED!!! - L. J Longshore

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