Sunday, June 21, 2015

OUTTHEBOXX 1st Annual Fashion Show/Launch Party

The pieces are very energetic not too urban. But definitely diva attitude showed up in the pieces. Very couture...clingy than usual for more of the street style pieces. Dropped love skirts reminds me of California. That lets the customer whoever she is that it's made her. Diversity!!!  The venue great for what she's selling..... I'm introducing as Hip Contoure . So chic but never over doing it. Suttle colors and schemes but very dramatic when it needed to be. The Capitale Lounge in downtown DC played its part making the feeling of something special was about to happen. As a lover of fashion I felt so at home with one foot in. A spunky and beautiful host kept your in tune with her personality I very enjoyed. The venue was very thin in attendance but for first the show, humble beginnings always seems to the designer grounded and she was seeing her hard work and talent combine to an explosion of beautiful well thought out pieces. Thank you!!! Local performers graced the stage in between sets. The models was so thunderous in their walks demanding attention with every stride. Great work ladies. No real major issues in show accept some awkward pauses. But other than that the show its well deserve A-. You can enjoy your pieces of "Evolution" so well named in 3 weeks will be ready for purchase.  Loved it. -Ahki

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Gent

Here's some summer  looks of influence. Enjoy. Endorse your creativity!